Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MY First Day

Not sure what to write but thought since everyone else is writing one I thought I might do the same. It might come easy in time who know give me break.

Mallory just had her baby the night befor last 11/9/2008 around 11pm 8pds 3oz 21" long Landyn Rian Wilson. Born to Mallory Ann and Paul Wilson. Cool Wow that makes Number five grand children for Jerry and I.

well I am at work and thought I would try this so I will try this again later. bye for now.


The Picketts said...

nice that you finally got a blog! woohoo!

Cooper Family said...

I just dont know how it works I need help. I dont even know how i got on to this..or even how it works

The Picketts said...

when are you going to write again?!

Jan said...

Hello.ooo.oooo is that an echo I hear? Cindy where are you???