Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What a day! I am so tired, Just to let everyone know that my disc in my back is just fine. I am glad for that. The doctor thinks its my sciatica nerve in between the bones. So tomorrow I will get a shot if that doesn't work then I would have to another kind of surgery. So I believe that the shot will do just fine. And if the other comes about I will look at that if it happens.
I left the house a 945 this morning and didn't get home til 5:45 long day. well I hope everyone had a great day and I feel great tomorrow after my shot.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Just to let everyone know. I have to go back to Sioux Falls tomorrow to get another MRI and see the doctor. Oh crap! maybe I did to much, but I really think it's cause they didn't let me up to go to the bathroom right after surgery they made me use the bedpan and Jerry and I had to figure out how to get my big fat butt off that! I had to move all sorts of different ways just to get my butt from sticking on the pan and trying to wipe and holding up my butt so my bed wouldn't get wet. I don't know what those nurses were thinking. The first time they left me I was done in a second and she was gone. So poor Jerry had to do the dirty work. Of course we didn't know how to get me unstuck from that plastic when it and I was wet. (boy do guys have it so easy). I had to pee like 4 other times during the night and do you think once they would stay and help. NOPE just my sweet hubby. Well by morning I was able to get up and go to the bath room and that's when when the pain in my leg and back came . So I figure it was from all that bedpan moving that has caused most of this problem. I could have done to much but the pain was already there. I did put my back brace on Friday and I think that's when I twisted it a little bit tighter. I was hurting after that allot more. Well I will keep you all informed of my mishap.

Love you all

Friday, May 6, 2011

Been Way to Long!

Thought I would write a little. Today Jerry is in Colorado having a interview with Western Forge.( He worked there before short 1 week of 14 years) He said the interview went great. They are still in the interview process so they will get back with him next week and let him know. But they did give him all the other information that he would need to know if he was hired.
My back surgery I believe has been pretty successful I think. I still have a part in by back that hurts in by butt and goes down my groin. I'm on stuff to get the swelling down, sure bothers my stomach. If it's not better by Monday I thought I would call the doctor and find out what he wants to do about it.
I don't have a job once again. Back to the old drawing board. With the budget cuts in the schools that where passed I was one that was cut. And since the girl I was one on one with wasn't coming back the rest of the year. They just said not to come back after my surgery. So Monday I need to file for unemployment again. FUN FUN FUN.
I am in school now to. I really like it. I have been it for about 8weeks now and am enjoying it. Of course its all on line classes. I am taking Health Technology as of right now, If we move to Colorado I will change it to Medical Assistant. They only offered it her in Brooking so I was taking all the classes here the first year and then when it got closer to change over in hopes that it had come to Watertown. So I look forward to that.
In March I went to Colorado to see Curtis, Emily, Tommy, Aspen and Brooklyn. The girls just turned one and were also baptized,. I didn't get to spend much time with them as I usually do but I was still a fun trip.I did spend time with the Family. I stayed a Sandie's house since Curtis had his dad at his house this time.
We put our home up for sale. Now we are packing it up slowly, Its looking really empty and nice.
Best thing That happened this week is Eric and Sara had a Baby girl-Kennedy 8pds 9oz 21ins long cute too! Mom and baby are doing great.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today I thought I would start to decorate my kitchen.. Still have a lot more to do..but at least I have started.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Today I thought I would make cookies for a progressive party at church tonight. so this is them..

So I needed to place them on a place and here is what they looked like after I finished.

Thursday, October 14, 2010