Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have been travelling lately. I left South Dakota on Tuesday November 24. I first went to South Carolina and spent time with Curtis and his family. We went to the beach and to the park. It was fun building a gingerbread house and playing cars too. We Spent time together for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. We had a small little Christmas before I left to spend time with Chrissy. Tommy is getting so big and I am looking forward to my two new granddaughters. Then I left Curtis' house Sunday and spent the week with Chrissy and her family. The girls are getting so big. The two of them really entertain themselves. They move from one thing to another. From Candyland to high heeled shoes, from finger painting to the park and to gymnastics. Chrissy really keeps on her toes so does Zach. Jaxon is moving all over wanting to be a part of everything the girls are doing, and they want no part of that. He is so fun to watch; a very happy big boy. I really enjoyed being with my kids. It wouldn’t be fair to not say anything about Chad. I enjoyed hanging out with him too. We went shopping one night, and we talked quite a bit too. I am so proud of him in his school work and all that too. I had a great time visiting all my kids, and it is so fun being a Grandma!

I then flew into Denver on Saturday, December 5th. I stayed with my parents for the week. I ran errands with dad, and helped mom with things around the house. The best part so far was getting to put up Mom's Christmas stuff. It is so fun to see Moms face when something is brought out and put up. After putting up the Christmas Tree, I watched Mom just sit there and stare at her tree with her eyes lit up. We won't mention Dad's reaction!

Yesterday, Saturday the 12th, we went to a MDA Christmas Party. That was enjoyable watching Mom sit and "chat" with her "boyfriends". They all have ALS and all talk on machines. Mom even took pictures. I went to Sandie's after the Party. I get to help her out now. I am so excited! (hee, hee, hee) I bet everyone is jealous that you don't get to help clean her house.




Jan said...

....and when are you coming to visit your favorite cousin?? I was fun to read a new post from you.
Merry Christmas!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

So glad to see all your pictures. Thank you for all your help! Especially with the decorations. I am so glad. Now Christmas is here at my house too.

The Picketts said...

Wow! You have two very handsome sons and beautiful daughter and some super cute lucky you are! Can't wait to see you!