Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What a day! I am so tired, Just to let everyone know that my disc in my back is just fine. I am glad for that. The doctor thinks its my sciatica nerve in between the bones. So tomorrow I will get a shot if that doesn't work then I would have to another kind of surgery. So I believe that the shot will do just fine. And if the other comes about I will look at that if it happens.
I left the house a 945 this morning and didn't get home til 5:45 long day. well I hope everyone had a great day and I feel great tomorrow after my shot.


Jan said...

I hope the shot tomorrow works wonders so you can be feeling better soon!

Amy said...

Ditto -- I hope the shot works!!
& I noticed you still have my old blog address - my new one is aimandcode.blogspot.com